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Canadian Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrotesting of New Pipelines

Course Description

Piasha Learning Academy offers this full day Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Canadian Pipelines course, compete with a certificate, designed to train participants with the pressure testing of pipelines in Canada governed under National Energy Board (NEB) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA). 


The participants not only learn about pipeline design, they also learn by hands-on exercises, how to calculate hydrotesting pressures required for testing.  The course also takes the students through a complete mock in-class hydrotest including a hands-on Yield Plot exercise and how to accept a hydrotest.


Canadian operating, engineering and construction pipeline companies have engaged Piasha to conduct this course to and train almost 330 of their personnel.  This practical, interactive course with slide presentation along with many pipeline hydrotesting stories will keep participants engaged throughout the day.

Course Format



Full day course

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Course Material and Certificates will be provided

Course Outline

  1.  Purpose

  2.  Codes, Acts & Regulations

  3.  Wall Thickness Calculations

  4.  Test Pressure Calculations

  5.  Test Preparation

  6.  Filling, Stabilizing & Pressurizing

  7.  Yield Plot Drawing

8.    Strength Test & Acceptance

9.    Leak Test & Acceptance

10.  De-watering

11.  De-pressurizing

12.  Documentation

13.  Leak Detection & Management

14.  Test Section Drying

Who Should Attend?

This course if for pipeline project managers, project engineers, EITs, construction personnel and inspectors.


Enbridge, Inter Pipeline, Ledcor, Macro Industries, Midwest Pipelines, Michaels Canada, OJ Pipelines, Pembina Pipelines, TransCanada, Tridyne, Stantec, Suncor and WorleyParsons.


"The Pipeline Pressure Testing by Piasha Consulting is a must have for anyone interested in understanding the cradle to grave of pipeline testing. Our entire project management team has taken the course and everyone is now on the same page of understanding the requirements and approach to getting a pipeline turned over to our customers. I highly recommend the course to the pipeline industry."

- Darrel Ziehr, VP, Midwest Pipelines

"I like the actual experiences from the field to bring the subject home."

"Very useful as a basic foundation and introduction to hydrotesting."

"Hiran is very knowledgeable and efficiently communicates his experience."

"Very good information and the binder is a great reference."


"I had very good feedback from our guys on the course…"

-  Gary Ziehr, Vice President, Michaels.

"Excellent one-day course; I would recommend this course for any Project Field Engineer or EIT who would/could officially be asked to sign-off on any hydrotest for Enbridge…"

- Bill Forbes, Manager, Enbridge.

"Thank for the great course you put on for us yesterday. I have received a lot of positive feedback on yourself and the information that you presented. Thank you again and please stay in touch…"

-  Charles Vincett - Senior Manager, Pembina.

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