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Canadian Pipeline Construction and Inspection 

Pipeline Construction & Inspection Fundamentals

Course Description

It will be a very busy time for the Western Canadian pipeline industry and many companies will be looking for qualified pipeline inspectors to inspect their pipelines during construction. 

Piasha Learning Academy has an excellent track record of providing value-adding pipeline training.  We offer this unique correspondence course, complete with certificate, designed to train students about the construction & inspection of Canadian pipelines.  This aligns with the regulations & standards governed under National Energy Board (NEB) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  This course will enable and prepare the graduates to apply for well-paying pipeline inspector jobs in Canada.  This will also be a great refresher for current pipeline inspectors. 

Piasha will provide students with a 310-page reference book and they will have to answer 28-chapter exams.  The course outline is given below.

Course Format



6 months to complete the course

Course Material will be mailed to you

Includes online exams

Course Outline

Chapter 1:    Introduction

Chapter 2:    Regulations & Standards

Chapter 3:    Pipeline Inspection

Chapter 4:    Reference Documents

Chapter 5:    Measurement Units

Chapter 6:    Pipe & Pipeline

Chapter 7:    Construction Survey

Chapter 8:    Clearing of Right of Way

Chapter 9:    Grub, Strip & Grade ROW

Chapter 10:  Pipe Transport & Stringing

Chapter 11:  Pipe Bending & Bends

Chapter 12:  Pipe Joint Girth-welding

Chapter 13:  NDE of Girth-welds

Chapter 14:  Pipe Coating & Jeeping

Chapter 15:  Ditching & Excavation

Chapter 16:  Cathodic Protection

Chapter 17:  Pipe Lowering

Chapter 18:  Trench Backfilling

Chapter 19:  Crossing – General

Chapter 20:  Buoyancy Control

Chapter 21:  Crossing – Trenchless

Chapter 22:  Hydrostatic Testing

Chapter 23:  Caliper Pigging

Chapter 24:  Pipeline Drying

Chapter 25:  Cleanup

Chapter 26:  Construction Safety

Chapter 27:  Glossary of Terms

Chapter 28:  Equipment & Machinery

Chapter 29:  Consumables

Who Should Attend?

This is a great course for individuals interested in becoming pipeline inspectors as well as existing inspectors.

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